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Hello all!

The seasons have officially changed and I don’t know about anyone else, but it feels like the days and weeks are flying by even faster than normal.  Between work and social events, I didn’t even realize it had been over a month since I had posted! Granted, I have not been crossing off any goals in this time, but one of my intentions is to write more frequently even if I don’t have something BIG to talk about.  So with that in mind, here are some updates and thoughts for where I am now…

  1.  Reaching your goals is HARD WORK! I was hoping I would have a slight leg up on the whole process seeing as my job as a health coach is based on helping people define, set, and reach their goals.  However, I also know from that experience that it takes a lot more than just writing something down to make it happen.  Even with the best intentions, high level of motivation, and frustration with wherever you currently are at, the odds of not hitting your target are pretty high.  A good example of this? New Year’s resolutions.  It’s been estimated that only 8% of people who make them will actually achieve what they vowed they would or wouldn’t do on January 1st – that means 92% of us are stopping short somewhere along the line.  And although a common saying is that “it takes 21 days to develop a new habit”, further research points to this process taking closer to two months, with a lot of variables that can extend that number much further.  As you can imagine, the more complex the habit or goal, the longer it will take.  I’m betting setting 30 goals at one time counts as complex…
  2. Like most people, I am full of excuses.  And like most people, they usually center on the Big Three: time, money, and energy.  Sure, I have thousands of free resources that would allow me to do yoga every day right at home, but where would I find the time to do it? Plus, I’m just SO TIRED that I can’t possibly do anything else but sit around on my phone, right? Perhaps I could do a more sedentary goal like learning a second language, which should be easy enough seeing as you can learn pretty much anything on the Internet.  Strangely enough though, I haven’t spent a single minute in the last few months since I set that goal doing anything bilingual unless you count watching the movie Coco (which I do recommend, by the way!).  So how do you go from excuses to action? I’d like to think I’m figuring that out through this process, but most days don’t feel like I’m making too much progress with it.
  3. Despite the obstacles, I will still finish this project.  Even if it looks a little different than what I imagined or some of the goals don’t get checked off because their “finish lines” are set further into the future.  A big motivator for doing “Thirty by 30” in the first place was to set myself up to live more purposefully as I get older and that is simply not something that can be magically accomplished before another birthday rolls around.  At the same time, I know my personal ability to follow through has been dwindling over the last few years (I believe I estimated it to be -25% today) so I don’t want to just throw up my hands and call it a day.  So I plan to work a little harder than I have the past month to tackle some of those goals, but also find the balance with living in the now and not being TOO focused on “self-improvement”.  Unfortunately in the past, that focus has backfired by putting too much pressure on myself and being extra disappointed when things don’t happen as quickly or noticeably as I want them to.  Also, there are SO MANY “self-help” resources out there that “paralysis by analysis” becomes a real thing.  Finding balance is probably one of the toughest but most important things in living a happy life and I’m hoping this project ultimately teaches me (and maybe my readers!) how to do so in the long run.

So friends, that’s the status of things right now and I’m really going to try being more consistent with my posts.  I think the simple act of writing is almost therapeutic for me and usually helps me shake the cobwebs a bit so I can look to the next step.  My goal for the next week is to cross off ONE goal from the THE GOALS and write about it on the blog – I hope you’ll stay tuned to find out what it is!

As always, thank you for reading 🙂


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